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Interested in learning more about Bioenergy and Bioproducts?  Check out these links, interesting reports and databases for your classroom projects.

 Sustainability resources

 Systems Thinking resources

  • Frosch, Robert A. and Nicholas E. Gallopoulos (1989) Strategies for Manufacturing. Scientific American 189 (3) 152
  • Frosch, R.A. (1994) Industrial ecology . Minimizing the impact of industrial waste, Physics Today 47(11):63-68.
  • National Science Teachers Association "The Science Teacher" October 2012 Issue: Features "Systems Thinking" topics included in Volume 79 No.7:
  • pg 38 (Modeling Earth's Climate);

  • pg 43 (Why do I crave that cookie- human body systems);

  • pg 48 (Complexity from Simplicity - electrical circuits, truth tables);

  • pg 58 (All Things Being Equal- guided inquiry on particulate level equilibrium system).


Biomass Feedstocks resources


Liquid Biofuels resources


Biomass for Heat resources


 Biomass for Power resources


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Public Policy on Bioenergy and Bioproducts resources