Bioenergy Day Awardees

Mr. Brooks Twilley, a science teacher at P.S. DuPont Middle School in Wilmington, Delaware and Mr. Rodney Dotson, a science educator at the Institute for High Performance Learning in New York City have each been awarded Interactive White Boards for use in their classrooms.  Both educators participated in a 2011 Bioenergy and Bioproducts one-week workshops during which they learned the basic concepts of Bioenergy and Bioproducts, collaborated with other educators, and discovered hands-on tools and experiments for use in their own classrooms.

Twilley, a participant at the BBEP one-week workshop hosted by Delaware State University, is a part of the STEM Learning Center at P.S. DuPont Middle School, a 5,000 st ft experimental space dedicated to the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math curricula.

As a result of his participation in the one-week workshop hosted by Delaware State, Twilley conducted several experiments with his students including making biodiesel from used cooking oil, assessing genetic variation of plant species using the BrachyBio planting kit, and composting school waste to make nutrient dense material for the school?s green house!  Even more buzz was generated during the Bioenergy Day hosted at his school.  For the Bioenergy day, Twilley generated interest in Agriculture, Bioenergy, and Bioproducts by inviting guest speakers, taking students on field trips, and inviting them to apply for a summer program focusing on environmental stewardship and issues.

The center is noted as the flagship facility for the Brandywine School District STEM program.  To find out more about the center, visit their website at:

Dotson, a participant at the BBEP one-week workshop hosted by Pace University in New York City, is the founder of the Institute for High Performance Learning, a STEM education program that delivers supplementary programs in an extended learning community to students in inner city New York.  Dotson attended the workshop to find out how he might incorporate the topics of Agriculture,  Bioenergy, and Bioproducts into their STEM curriculum.  To find out more about the Institute, visit their website

We thank both winners for their continued work in the classroom and finding ways to make STEM interesting and stimulating for their students.  We congratulate you, Rodney and Brooks!  We hope that the Interactive White Board will be of great use to you and encourage you to keep up the excellent work.