Bioenergy in the Mathematics Classroom

Relating abstract math concepts to real world career applications can be a big challenge.  BBEP engagement  activities provide context for math concepts by showing students a multitude of careers in the bioenergy and bioproducts industries that use math skills.  Hands on and Minds-on activities provide math and graphing exercises and ideas for expansion for students wanting in-depth projects.

Our curriculum brings Math exercises and extension ideas into the following eight focus areas relating the emerging Bioeconomy workforce skills to Math skills in these job sectors:

  • Sustainability
  • Systems Thinking
  • Biomass production and logistics
  • Liquid Biofuels (transportation)
  • Biomass for heat (warmth)
  • BioPower (electricity)
  • BioProducts (industrial chemicals and natural products)
  • Environmental Impacts, Policy & Economics

Many careers in the biobased economy use math every day.  Here's a brief sampling of experts  needed in the emerging Biobased economy that use math in their jobs:

  • Natural Resource Economists
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Architects
  • HVAC, Building Systems Engineers
  • Transportation logistics experts
  • Computer programers
  • Systems Engineer
  • Bioprocessing Engineers
  • Chemical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • And many more?.