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Materials for Participants

Through funding from the USDA NIFA Sustainable Bioenergy programs, the Bioenergy and Bioproducts Education Programs Workshops provide approximately $400 in kits and materials to participants including a 1) Bioenergy and Bioproducts Primer, 2) Lab Activities Workbook, 3) Power Point slide set (20 presentations), and lab kits and videos for participants to bring back to their classroom.  The kits provided differ slightly between workshop sites, depending upon the research emphasis of the particular site, but in general include: 4) Grass-to-Sugars with enzymes lab kit; 5) Shrink-plastic labels made from corn; 6) Video- NOVA's Percy Julian- Forgotten Genius; 7) Biofuels "Race-to-the-pumps!" concept map poster; 8) School Bioenergy Garden Kit and more.
BBEP workshop participants also can log in through the ALUMNI tab on this website to download copies of presentations from the workshop they attended and other BBEP workshops!