Program Essential Elements

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Here is a sampling of the topics covered during a BBEP workshop. These topics are our "essential elements" and each is covered either through  lectures, labs, tours and reading materials, or a combination of these, depending on the length and emphasis area of the workshop. As the workshop Site Director how each of these topics will be presented at their workshop to determine which workshop Site might best meet your interests.

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Sustainability is important because it guides us to solutions that will work over a very long period of time (i.e., generations) and will allow future generations of human beings... more

Systems thinking is an approach to problem solving. Systems thinking is a method used by experts to quantify, evaluate and optimize the inputs, outputs, and flows (such as the... more

Biomass refers to carbon-containing materials that have a biological origin and can be utilized as a resource in place of carbon-containing fossil fuels for producing energy and... more

Liquid biofuels are transportation or heating fuels made from the conversion of solid biomass into liquids through chemical, enzymatic, or thermochemical conversion processes. ... more

The original type of bioheat - the wood fire - has been providing heat to humans for thousands of years.  This controlled, direct combustion of biomass for heating is a technology... more

 Biopower refers to the production of electricity from biomass.  Biopower refers to a number of technologies (both small and large scale) that utilize biomass in the production of... more

Bioproducts are industrial chemicals made from biomass sources.  Although strictly speaking, energy also is a product of biomass, the convention is that the term bioproducts... more

Public policy refers to the evolving, dynamic sets of laws, regulations and incentives that guide the behavior of people, companies, and government agencies.  Public policies can... more