Tri-State Workshop with OBIC-Ohio State, Purdue and Michigan State (August 4-8, 2014)

Site Director, Denny Hall.  Please contact  Dustin Homan, Program Director, BBEP OBIC at The Ohio State University,  614-247-1940  [email protected] .  Joining Dustin Homan in hosting the 2014 workshop, the BBEP Tri-State Team representative from Michigan State University is Dr. Michael Everett [email protected] and from Purdue University in Indiana is Dr. Levon Esters  [email protected] .  The team has put together a Rockin' video with more information about the upcoming Tri-State workshop.   


Each workshop includes seminars, hands-on laboratory activities, field visits, and collaborative work time. Participants will interact with other teachers, researchers, and industry professionals and will leave with the ability to teach basic Bioenergy and Bioproducts concepts. Furthermore, participants will understand how to conduct and present the hands-on activities in their own classroom.

Participants are encouraged to work with other teachers in their schools/districts to develop collaborative projects aimed at introducing students to the topics of Bioenergy and Bioproducts.

Participant Support

  • Participants in the One-week workshop receive the following support:
  • $300 stipend
  • Lunches
  • Transportation to/from tour sites
  • Lodging allowance in some cases
  • Travel allowance in some cases
  • Approximately $400 in Program materials, including a Bioenergy & Bioproducts Primer and kits to bring back to your classroom.
  • Suite of laboratory activities, including lab workbook and materials
  • School year follow-up support from our team

Educators in the One-week Workshops will leave with the ability to teach basic bioenergy and bioproducts concepts to students and other teachers in their school using hands-on activities provided by the program. 

The program provides school year follow-up support to participants for use of the kits and activities. See "Locations and Dates" for the list of programs scheduled for the summer of 2014.

These workshops bring teachers together every summer to learn about recent research in biology and to promote interactions between teachers and Cornell scientists. Each workshop includes presentations from scientists and engineers and industry experts, hands-on lab and field activities, and opportunities for teachers to interact with other teachers and researchers.