The Research Internship is an individual, flexible-length summer program held at several different partner sites. Interns will report to their respective sites for 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the site and arrangements made between the Site Director and the Intern.

While the Internship program varies from site to site and from individual to individual, participants can expect to gain cross-disciplinary experience in scientific research and science education. Specialties vary at each site, and range from basic plant biology research to applied biodiesel production. Interns will work closely with scientists, educators and graduate students and will work on a supervised independent research project within the framework of their Site Director’s programs. Activities may include field, scholarly and/or laboratory research, attending seminars, and independent study.

To complete the program, Interns are responsible for preparing a presentation and final report on their project as well as a lesson plan related to the internship experience.

Participant Support

Research Intern support varies slightly from site to site. Please contact the respective Site Director for more information.