The 2014 Train-the-trainer program will be provided through the collaboration of Cornell University and Delaware State University.  The workshop will be hosted by Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware.  The 2014 program will focus on pre-service teachers but in-service teachers also are invited to apply. The program is divided into 2 parts.


Part 1

May 12-16, 2014

Part 1 consists of one week of intensive training at Delaware State University in Dover, DE. During Part 1, the program brings pre-service teachers together to learn about a variety of topics relating to Sustainability, Bioenergy, Bioproducts, and associated subjects. Participants will learn about current research and interact with Cornell scientists, other researchers, educators, and industry professionals. During the prgram, participants will attend lectures, participate in hands-on laboratory activities, meet BBEP Site Directors from nine locations, and work collaboratively to determine how to incorporate content into the classroom.

Participants who complete Part 1 may apply for Part 2.  Only 8 spots are available for Part 2 in 2014.  


Part 2

One week, assisting another BBEP Site with a one-week workshop.

Part 2 of the Train-the-trainer program consists of traveling to another BBEP Workshop and assisting a Site Director at a partner site with preparing for and conducting a one-week Workshop. At the Part 2 workshop, you help us train 10 new teachers at a new location.  

Participants selected for Part 2 will have a variety of responsibilities  including: assisting with setting-up and teaching laboratory activities learned in Part 1, assisting the Site Director.


Participant Support

Participants in the 2014 Train-the-Trainer program receive the following support:

PART 1 (at Delaware State University)

  • $600 stipend ($600/one week) to offset costs of participation
  • Parking and mileage reimbursement 
  • lunches and snacks are provided to allow for continuation of the workshop.
  • Meal allowance ($40/day) is provided to assist with other meals while at Delaware State .
  • Teaching materials (primer, lab workbook, slide set and lab teaching kits also are provided as needed).
Participants that have completed Part 1 and are selected for Part 2 also receive the following

Part 2 (at a BBEP Summer Workshop Site - see list of locations)

  • $1000 stipend ($1000/one week) to offset costs of participation
  • Travel costs up to $750 for travel to and from the Part 2 one-week workshop site
  • Lodging allowance at 2nd location $600 for participants that live more than 40 minutes drive away from the workshop site. Otherwise, mileage reimbursement is available for local participants.
  • Approximately $400 in Program materials, including a Bioenergy & Bioproducts Primer and kits for your classroom.
  • Suite of laboratory activities, including lab workbook and materials
  • School year follow-up support from the team